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Thought and education related to practical "applied ethics", in concert with thought and education related to creativity and personal presence, and in concert with thought and education related to reason and organization, are foundations of all applications of the Ethical Presence TM process. Ethics, AND personal presence and creativity, AND rational and substantive action, work IN UNITY in the most effective action when working with Ethical Presence TM. 


Such action can lead to work which feeds the soul, right and prosperous livelihood, and service to others. Ethical Presence TM is about being effective, doing good while doing well, and feeling satisfied in one's conscious authenticity while doing it.

Richard Thomas can help you and your organization create ways to live and work with more Ethical Presence TM.

Richard Thomas consults with his clients to create customized tailor-made solutions using unique applications of the Ethical Presence TM process.

An Open Letter to Prospective Clients


How are you? My name is Richard Thomas. My company is Richard Thomas JD, LLC Ethical Presence TM Consulting.


How can I help you?


I teach, coach, speak about, write about, develop, strengthen, enhance and promote: humanity, empathy, professionalism, creativity, communication, public speaking, critical thinking, inter-personal connecting, case-making and storytelling, career and personal discovery and advocacy, applied ethics, leadership, and other human and professional concerns and skills. 


These skills are basic and fundamental skills that every professional needs. 


These skills are too often thought of as matters of talent. The truth is they involve human qualities that everyone can work on, and improve upon. I can help your organization and the individuals within it grow in these human capacities. 


I help people create for themselves --- I facilitate a process --- a way of working and being that furthers their success, is personally rewarding and helps them make their best positive impact on the world. 


What are my credentials? 


I am a licensed Illinois attorney with a background in trial law and ethics and professional responsibility, a former college professor, and an alumnus of the main stage resident company of Chicago's Second City Theater. See my background in more detail at


Who have I worked with? 


Here's  a list of some sample clients:


What is Ethical Presence TM? 

I've developed a method that merges the ethical consciousness, critical thinking and organization, and communication and personal presence skills that every professional needs to be effective, a positive influence, and personally successful. My life and career has been lived and worked at the intersection of reason, ethics, improvisation and creativity.


Why am I writing you today?


I am writing you today to ask to set a time when we could meet and explore ways in which my services can help serve the specific needs and goals of you and your organization. 


What are some sample services of Richard Thomas JD, LLC?


Follow these links on my website:

I also offer Improvisational Writing and Improvisational Performance Reading services.


Thank you for your kind consideration. I look forward to speaking with you, and discussing ways my services can serve your needs and the needs of your organization.




Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas JD, LLC Ethical Presence TM Consulting

1000 E. 53rd St. Unit 405, Chicago, Illinois 60615


Not “Yes, and”: A New Deep Improvisation

I am an alumnus of the resident company of Second City Theater. I trained with Paul Sills and David Shepherd. I am an attorney who specialized in professional responsibility. I am a former Clinical Assistant Professor at UIC Business where I taught Professional Presence and Business Ethics.

I do not use the Second City or iO approach to improvisation. My way is based on my training with Paul Sills and David Shepherd, and my own furtherance of the art onstage, in my writing, in the hearing room and in the classroom.

“Yes, and” doesn’t work. “Acceptance” and “Transformation” are the key concepts. Yes, and is all about agreement and has led to a lot of boring scenes with no transformation — conformist list making, and superficial professional transactions where everyone is nice to each other in a surface way and nothing is considered in depth. Acceptance means that the improviser deals with the other’s reality — doesn’t deny it, but doesn’t have to agree with it or conform to it. Acceptance respects the other, but honors one’s own reality as well. Acceptance, when explored and heightened leads to transformation. Difference is acknowledged and the universal is discovered that paradoxically co-exists with difference. Yes, and leads to conformity. Acceptance leads to community.

Diversity is not merely about demographics — gender, ethnicity etc. Each person is a species unto him or herself. And each person is connected by a common humanity. That is what real improvisation brings out. That is what leads to what is really funny or moving or revelatory.or 
smart—- to approach them with specific proposals using my approaches that fit their needs. Also managers and investors.


Video, Film and Live Performance,  Writing for Video, Film and Live Performance --- and Writing for Publications, are applications of the Ethical Presence TM process. Richard Thomas uses his Ethical Presence TM method in all of his performance and writing --- the written and spoken word.

An example of my performance form, Improvisational Reading:


Examples of my form, Improvisational Writing, can be found on my blog.


I am also looking for cutting edge publishers and producers—idealistic, creative and smart—- to approach them with specific proposals using my approaches that fit their needs. Also managers and investors.


This is a New Deep Improvisation.


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